Pioneering work: The Samaj undertook a number of pioneering works such as slum service, legal aid to the poor, national consumer service, night shelters for pavement, dwellers, Lok Karya Kshetras for rural development, institutions for handicapped children, training of voluntary social workers yogic exercises for all, launching of labour co-operatives, food for work programmers, voluntary mobilization of manpower known as shramdan for local development works, inculcating the dignity of labour amongst the students and youth and elimination of middlemens profit in the construction activity. It also sponsored a non political youth organization known as Bharat yuvak Samaj for mobilizing youth power for constructive work. Particular mention of the Bharat Sevak Samaj participation in construction work may be made of Kosi Project in Bihar during 1955-59. The Third Five year plan document has acknowledged that the Samaj participation brought forth evidence of substantive cost reduction and improvement in the quality of work as well as the speed in execution. Against the original estimate of Rs. 11.5 crores the actual expenditure in the Kosi River embankment project was Rs. 6.5 crores only. It was completed in 1958 against the target of 1960.

Educational Institutions

Two thousand three hundred thirty schools for the poor and middle class children are being run to promote health habits and schooling in the children of age group between 3 to 5 years. Three full fledged vocational and IT Education programs at different part of the state to enrich the youth and bring them to the technology and make them self sufficient to sustain their livelihood.. A number of Girls Institutions, Junior and High Girls Schools have been sponsored to promote women education in country special mention may be made of Jabalpur Girls High Secondary School in Madhya Pradesh where fifteen hundred students are admitted for getting education of all road development.